When nature meets beauty, an ethical and gentle skincare line is born!
Beedewy is a holistic wellness company focusing on pushing foward the #slowbeauty movement with cruelty-free products that focuses on giving love back to people suffering from sensitive skin. 
The idea of Beedewy was born out of the desire to finally use products that wouldn’t cause stinging, dryness and irritation on the skin.
My mom and I both suffered from chronically sensitive skin. Over the years, we’ve exasperated ourselves through countless skincare brands that promised healthy glowing skin...only to quickly find out that our skin couldn’t handle the harsh ingredients these popular products often contained.
You may have dealted with the same unpleasant experience of not knowing what ingredients to choose in regards to your skin type. 
Our mission at Beedewy is to remove that fear of choosing the wrong products that can actually do more harm than benefit your skin. We dedicated ourselves to carefully sourcing and formulating a line of skin care tools and products that finally will help soothe your skin rather than irritate.

  • No animal testing
  • Cruelty-Free
  • No harmful parabéns, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde
  • We ethically source our ingredients from family farms and distillers that actually care about your skin’s wellbeing as well as the environment
  • Bees are going extinct and Beedewy wants to do something about it! For every purchase made, we donate a portion of to The Honey Bee Conservancy at https://thehoneybeeconservancy.org. We want to give back to these precious pollinators by helping fund bee sanctuaries around the United States. 
We’re currently meeting with distillers and organic farms around the United States to source quality ingredients for our skincare formulations! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to tag along our journey from creation to launch!
Our complete line will include both skin care products and accessories. We intend to make sure every selected ingredient will nourish your skin and fight against back against free radicals.
We have invested our time and energy into Beedewy because our aim is to create premium products and accessories that you can integrate into your self-care routine with absolute peace of mind.

Beedewy facial roller collection OUR BEEDEWY ROLLERS

We discovered that jade rollers have calmed our sensitive skin like nothing else can. It’s also saved us countless times from those scary dark under eye circles! However, we found ourselves constantly buying a new roller every month or so because none of the rollers we bought lasted! We decided to take matters into our own hands to make sure the Beedewy rollers we provide are durable, long-lasting and ethically produced!
We have different styles of facial rollers which are made of top quality stone/crystals and stainless steel depending on your skincare needs. They are extremely durable, won’t break easily and they will work their magic making you feel like having a luxurious SPA session right at your home.
What sets us apart from other skincare companies is the high amount of quality control and sourcing we've done to make sure our Beedewy rollers are sturdy and don't easily break.
Learn more about what sets our facial rollers apart from other brands here.
Check out our collection of facial rollers below which serve for different skin types and conditions.
Shop the collection here
Beedewy isn’t only a skincare line, it is a way of living and giving back to the world.
It’s time to finally love the skin you’re in.