Limited Edition - BeeYoncé Amethyst Roller


A stunning skincare staple in intuitive purple, the limited edition BeeYoncé Amethyst Roller packs a beauty punch that will leave your skin feeling youthful, glowing and rejuvenated! 

Representing temperance, magnetism, with a kick of sensual mystique, this double-sided BeeYoncé Amethyst Roller is beautiful to look at and even better to use. 

Made out of high quality amethyst crystal sourced in Brazil, this double-sided, textured BeeYoncé Roller effortlessly glides across the skin, providing a satisfying facial workout session.

With a two-sided roller that packs a big beauty punch, it offers everything you need for a complete skincare routine! On one end is a smooth roller for a soft, relaxing massage, whilst the other side is textured in design, made to provide your skin with a more intense facial workout session.

The stainless steel construction is also exceptional, made with strong metal welding to support the natural crystal, ensuring quality and durability.


  • Relax your stressed out facial muscles (glorious when used on the temples, and jaw muscles for those with TMJ)
  • Stimulate collagen production to minimize fine lines, sagging and dry skin
  • Effectively reduce water retention and slim around your lower face and under the neck from lymphatic massage
  • The amethyst crystal helps to effectively reduce the skin's temperature when massaged gently against the face, helping to give you that dewy glow.  
    • Pop your BeeYoncé roller in the fridge for an even more dramatic improvement especially for dark puffy under eye circles.
    • Helps to minimize your pores, for that even complexion

    How to Use 

    (Download our instructional guide here)

    • Start gently rolling outwards at the neckline right above your collarbone
    • Then roll under the chin towards the collarbone and to the sides of the neck. 
    • Gently roll on the upper lip, lower lip and chin by following along the lower jawline and under the earlobe. Repeat on both sides of the face.
    • Roll from the center of the forehead towards the temples on both sides.
    •  Using the small side of the roller, gently work around the eye area from the corner of the eye to the ear.  

    We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you have any questions, please reach us at
    *Due to natural variations in the crystals, every Beedewy roller is unique in pattern and color. Please also allow 2-3 business days for processing after purchase.

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    Limited Edition - BeeYoncé Amethyst Roller

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