Avoid These Ingredients If You Have Sensitive Skin
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Avoid These Ingredients If You Have Sensitive Skin

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Keeping your skin looking fresh and flawless is no simple task, especially if you have sensitive skin. All it needs is a little bit of negligence and you might end up with an allergic reaction. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your sensitive skin healthy too. Here are some of the common culprits that can keep your skin looking less than perfect. Steer clear of them. Your skin will thank you for it.


Who doesn’t like their shower gels to smell alluring, or their moisturizer to have a wonderful smell? In the case of sensitive skin though, such synthetic fragrances can be hazardous. It can cause the skin to break out, redden, and swell.


Exfoliation is important to keep the skin fresh and free of any clogged dirt and dead skin cells. For this, exfoliation is necessary. However, overdoing it can irritate those with sensitive skin causing microscopic abrasions, flare-ups, and mishaps. Instead, opt for plant-based exfoliants that use fine bamboo as an ingredient or go for one with fruit enzymes.


This is a common ingredient in many facial cleansers and washes. They have the ability to absorb the excess oils on your face which can lead to less oily and acne-prone skin. However, in case of sensitive skin, sulfates can over dry the skin causing it to become flaky and irritated.

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD)

This is an ingredient commonly found in hair dyes. This is what makes the color last longer. But if you have sensitive skin, this could mean a rash across the hairline, neck and behind the ears. Moreover, it can make your scalp itchy and irritated.

Citrus Fruit Extracts

Although lemon and other citrus fruits have numerous benefits for the skin, however, if you have sensitive skin then it is a wise move to avoid any skincare products that use them as the main ingredient. It can be too harsh for sensitive skin and can result in a rash or redness, especially if the skin is exposed to heat or sunlight soon afterward.

Sorbic Acid

This is a key ingredient in many retinoids which are often touted for their benefits for the skin. However, sorbic acid is the primary reason why most people with sensitive skin find retinoids to be too harsh and irritating to the skin.


They are added to skin care products for their astringent and cleansing properties. However, they can cause sensitive skin to dry out and lead to rashes and irritated skin. Make sure that the alcohol in your skincare product isn’t one of the main ingredient in your skincare product. Also, not all types of alcohol are created equal! Below we broke it down for you:
Bad alcohol that is harmful: SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol
Good alcohol that is beneficial:  Cetyl stearyl and Cetearyl alcohol
These are only some of the many potentially harmful ingredients found in skincare products that are particularly bad for sensitive skin. The safest options are always products with ingredients that are plant-derived as there is a relatively lower risk of irritation to the skin or an allergic reaction.
It is also a good idea to spot test every new product you decide to use. To do this use the product on a small patch on your arm or leg. If there are no adverse results, then the product is considered safe for use. Keep in mind that your face is a lot more sensitive compared to your arms or legs.
In case an allergic reaction does occur, immediately wash off the product from your skin, discontinue use, and head over to a dermatologist. A good at-home treatment option is applying light aloe vera gel that doesn’t contain oil. This wonderful calming ingredient is suitable for a number of skin ailments and should at the very least prevent the situation from worsening.

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